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E-learning during pandemic time in Cracow, Poland


During coronavirous pandemic we study at home. Teachers conduct online classes using Google Classroom and Hangouts Meet. Everyday, we have some online classes, not many, but still a lot of. We meet with teachers on the „google meet” platform. Some lessons are interesting, for example Polish, English, French, maths or biology, teachers of these subjects prepare various exercises for us.  Other subjects are boring because some teachers only talk

Everything is okay, however, we miss our school life and friends.

(Julia Trojańska)


This time is probably hard for everyone. We have loads of our own work. On tough days I start lessons at 9:00 and finish at 18:00. Our school uses Classroom and Meet to send homework and conduct lessons.  Unfortunately, some lessons often stop or break because of disconnection. Sometimes some students speak loudly into the microphone or kick someone out.  

Polish is my favorite lesson. Mrs. Krzyżanowska is very understanding and does not set us too many tasks as well as she always explains the matters. She is fair. 

I think that remote learning is making everyone bored. I think we would like to take off the masks and just meet friends.

(Emilia Wolak)


Coronavirus is a rapidly spreading disease which covered the whole world. Nobody expected such results. For the sake of protecting our health, the Government decided to close the state borders and airports, all shops, swimming pools, cinemas, service points and schools in the country. During that time, we had to wear face masks and nitrile gloves in public places. In the beginning of pandemic people were frightened and worried but then they got accustomed to this situation.

Since 12th March students haven’t gone to school so they have stayed at home and studied there. This period was very strange for us because we were not allowed to meet with our friends. At first we thought that we would go back to schools after two weeks so we just did the homework and exercises from our teachers. Then we had more lessons online on “Meet”. That was difficult because some students didn't have good equipment and Internet connection. Some of them didn’t turn on webcams or microphones. We had different tasks and materials on “Classroom” for two months. This website is better than ”Librus” because it’s easier to use and more practical.

I’m very ambitious and hardworking so I sent all homework and projects on time. For me e-learning isn’t as effective as learning at school but nobody had any influence on this situation. During online lessons I learned more discipline and computer skills. Everything was all right but I missed the opportunity to see and talk to my friends and teachers personally.

This is my last month at this school so I’m going to meet my classmates and teachers soon. I’m not bored at home but I want to go back to school. I will definitely remember this time of distance learning because it was different and new for me.

( Luckily, we can always count on our four-leg friends)


   When the pandemic started my school introduced online learning. It was hard at first. Me and my classmates had to learn a new timetable and log in to the new internet system. My friends and teachers are using laptops during the online lessons but I had to set up special applications on my phone because my computer is very old and it hasn’t got a webcam and a speaker and I need them during online lessons. My school bought a special website which allows us to easily take part in online lessons and write online tests, and homework and its deadlines are in one place. It is very convenient and helpful. Fortunately despite the fact that I have siblings, we find in our house enough amount of electrical devices.

   There are less lessons now than it was at school so I have more free time. I finally have time for my hobby. I can read interesting books in piece, watch films and series and playing chess with ma dad. I have more time for my family. We eat all meals together. On Sunday we play board games and have a great time. Every day after school lessons me and my siblings go out to the garden. We jump on the trampoline, climb on the trees and play with our dog.

   Teachers are trying hard. They prepare presentations, games and films which makes the lessons more interesting. I really like this type of lessons. Sometimes a teacher only talks about the topic and doesn’t even ask us questions and then the lessons are boring but it rarely happens.

   My favorite part of online lessons is studying in my bed. I felt bad twice during learning online, but I could take part in a lesson from bed and learn something. Normally I’d stay at home and have to catch up later. Online tests and lessons are less stressful and more pleasant.

   Unfortunately, online learning also has a dark side. When I have to study a lot at home and not during the lessons, I lack motivation and desire to learn. Luckily, I have a dad who can always help me and explain everything from every subjects and learning is much easier for me. To make teaching easier, I use various books, textbooks, Internet, movies and etc. Of course I spend more time in front of the computer than before. We also have to remember that the Internet is dangerous and we have to be careful. I already had adventure with a hacked email account and it was very unpleasant.  

   I would feel good in quarantine if it wasn’t for the lack of contact with people from outside, especially my friends. I miss them very much and I’m sad that we can’t spend these last moments together.

Posted by Julia, Emilia, Ada and Marysia

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