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How Covid-19 changed our everyday lives

Like the rest of Europe, Croatia was also impacted by corona virus crisis – maybe even harder than others. Not only that Croatian government had set up some very strict health, economic and social regulations, but at the very beginning of crisis, our capital city, Zagreb, was hit by a devastating earthquake. Nonetheless, people managed to adjust their lifestyle to these difficult circumstances. This is how students from school Futura lived through it.


My life changed completely during this crisis. I lost a lot of weight and started eating healthy food. I started eating healthier because I was inspired by this situation to start living a healthier life. I noticed that people are sad but also happy. My workspace is clean and my new habit is walking in nature. I spend an hour walking in nature. People around me are scared but that's normal, also my mom also started a healthy lifestyle. She eats healthy food and walks in the nature with me. I think that the crisis has hit certain people hard.


While in quarantine, one of the most used devices in our apartment is a desktop computer. Without those devices, it would be a lot harder to organize and efficiently continue in my case any sort of school work. Technology itself eases our day-to-day activities by allowing us access to the Internet for example which is a great source of information, but also a source where people can socialize and “hang out”. On the other hand, technology may not be reliable in certain situations like power outage, internet outage, etc. in which case the devices become completely off-network use or not even usable. Numerous companies and smaller businesses were impacted because of the quarantine which also allowed them to either adapt by adopting a online store with delivery or the business in question closed down until more viable options became available. Most of the websites administrated by government departments may have been exposed to high usage and hence were unprepared for the vast amount of traffic they were receiving.


For me as a high school student, the coronavirus changed my life significantly. Hanging out with friends, going to school they went down to the virtual world. The only positive thing is that I am more with my family now. I spend a lot of time talking and hanging out with my family. I am constantly with my mother, she helps me a lot around school and internet classes, I hear from my grandparents more often. I hear from friends often, and we see each other less often. I became closer to some people and distanced myself from others.


This period completely changed us. We started to appreciate everything we have more and we are grateful for everything we have. We think this situation will leave an impact on us but much worse things have happened so we think we will be able to get through this.

Posted by: Tomislav Kranjčić, Mihael Radojčević, Vito Volarević (Croatia)

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