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Online schooling in Private school Futura

This school year, students and teachers from Private school Futura will conclude via distant schooling. One advantage of our school, compared to other ones, was that this switch was a bit easier since Futura already had its online learning system called “My online classroom”. Here is an overall perception of this situation from the students’ perspective.

TOMISLAV: Digital school started around 16th of March at which point majority of people were unprepared for how the things were going to change. At the start I, myself, was unprepared and somewhat same for the school staff which had to adapt alongside us with the new environment. At the start, school staff offered us support and some relief while we were getting used to the new methods of online learning. After a month or so we started receiving more assignments, however, we had a lot more time to complete them which allowed us to rest, but also enjoy other activities.

VITO: Online teaching has greatly affected my daily pace. I think it would be better for the school to continue to be held online. The only complaint is that I lack professional guidance. I have been taught to sleep for a long time, so online teaching bothers me but I still have to get up and do my job.

MIHAEL: The advantages of online teaching are: More time to do a task, I don't have to get up early, more time for myself. And the disadvantages of online teaching are: Not hanging out with friends, too many tasks, internet congestion. He would tell teachers to assign fewer homework assignments and homework assignments. And I would also like to tell them that I am satisfied with their work and commitment to make online teaching easier for us. I would really love to see them on official distribution of the school year testimonials.

Posted by: Tomislav Kranjčić, Mihael Radojčević, Vito Volarević (Croatia)

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